postdoc on computer networking in France + Brazil (2 years, 2100euros/m)

a Fen

There is One postdoc position on computer networking at the University of Avignon (France) and University of Sao Paulo (USP). The candidate should wok tightly with both French advisors and Brazilian Researchers.
The duration of this position is 2 years with some mobility requirement: 6 months in USP (Brazil) + 12-18 months in UAPV (France)+several Months in USP. The salary is about 2100euros/m in both USP and UAPV. Furthermorem a full research grant package will be provided for publishing papers in leading international conferences.

The candidates with the following qualities are especially encouraged to apply
(1) the candidate should hold a PhD ( on CS, EE, or Math) or in the final year of their PhD

(2) the candidate should demonstrate high research ability. For example, have published some papers in international conferences or international journals.

(3) the candidate is preparing a phd thesis on optical networks (for example, routing, protection or traffic grooming), Multimedia Network Communications, or wireless networks (WSNs, or VANETs).

(4) be fluent in English (both speaking and writing). Noting that, French and Portugal are not needed.

One should send the Cv, and major publications to [email protected]

Fen Zhou


University of Avignon